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Travertine Terraces of the World

There are some representative examples of travertine terraces by their size and also beauty except Pamukkale in Turkey. The conditions have to be very specific to allow water to leave sediment for travertine shapes. Hot springs erode rocks high in minerals and end up forming deposits in some places on the world. 

Baishuitai: It is in Tibetan area of China. Thermal hot water is running through pool terraces of Baishuitai at a height of 8200 feet.  It forms a startling white contrast among the green mountains. A spring gushes down from the mountain summit to the crystal terrace like a white waterfall.

Huanglong: It is in China. It is well known for its magical landscape of limestone formations, colorful lakes, valleys, snow clad mountains and virgin forests and it is accepted one of the most worldwide famous natural features in China. It is quite cold in the valley of Huanglong but springs are the source of heat. 

Semuc Champey: It is in Guatemala. It is very similar to Huanglong in China but Semuc Champey is the tropical version of it. Semuc Champey has little caves where people can swim in and pools which are deep enough to dive into from high points on the limestone shelf. 

Badab-e Surt: It is in Iran. Badab-e Surt’s terraces are located at 6000 feet above sea level and they are bright orange and red color due to the large concentration of iron oxide sediments. It is one of the most popular and beautiful natural wonder in Iran. 

Mammoth Hot Springs: It is in Yellowstone National Park in USA.  Heat, water, limestone combine to make the Mammoth Hot Springs. The travertine deposits range in age from late Pleistocene to the modern day. The natural beauty of travertine deposits makes Mammoth Hot Springs one of the foremost attractions in Yellowstone Park. 

Hierve El Agua: It is in Mexico. Magnificent pools of Hierve El Agua are located over the edge of a cliff. It appears like massive waterfalls frozen to the side of the mountain and it is a beautiful picturesque natural attraction and one of the most unusual waterfalls. 

Waimangu Park: It is in New Zealand. There are many other colorful thermal areas in New Zealand. After the volcanic eruption of Mount Tarawera in 1886, it was created. Tourism started with the eruptions of the Waimangu Geyser in 1900.

Hammam Meskhoutine: It is in Algeria. Huge cascade covers a nearly vertical surface of 100 feet height. Hammam Meskhoutine is famous for its warm waters and extraordinary cascades. Over time, the water had formed fascinating shapes offering stunning photo opportunities. 

Fly Geyser: It is in Nevada, USA. Terraces of Fly Geyser are the most colorful ones of all others. Colors come from the high calcium carbonate mineral content of the water. While drilling of a well it was created as manmade accidentally in early 1900s. Fly Geyser spews waters about 5 feet high.