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Shopping in Pamukkale

Touristic Pamukkale offers a variety of souvenirs for shoppers. As Denizli is well-known for its exports of quality cotton textiles to the world, the household linens shops are very common in Pamukkale. Especially the products made of “Buldan” fabric are very popular.

While strolling around, the colorful stands selling semi-precious stones with different healing effects and the stone gems according to the sign of the zodiac await the curious shoppers. The glittering stone jewelry with varied designs may be in your gift list.

As the city is among Turkey’s marble sources, the souvenirs made of the valuable Onyx stones, -a variety of chalcedony, are right gift options reflecting the area of Pamukkale.

Another interesting souvenir object is the famous long-crowing ”Denizli Rooster”, the symbol of Denizli.

Being the homeland of the “Calkarasi” grape, one of the Anatolia’s oldest grape types, the region of Pamukkale is most convenient for vineyards, and therefore, wineries and cellars abound with a wide variety of quality local wines.