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Denizli is located southwest of Turkey in the Aegean Region, Denizli is a growing city both industrial and touristic, ranked as the 17th most populated cities of Turkey with 525.497 inhabitants. The city is rich with rivers, lakes and the sea-like water sources, and therefore, it is said to be named as “Denizli”-with sea.

As the city was situated on the famous trade route - Silk Road, the stunning antique cities of Hierapolis, Loadikeia, Phrygia, Tripolis are within the borders of Denizli waiting to be explored by archaeology lovers. The dreamlike formation of Pamukkale (Cotton Castle) is the “don’t miss” natural wonder of Turkey. The mineral-rich travertine, thermal springs and muds around the region have real healing effects for several illnesses.

Caravanserail on the historic Silk Road, Ak Han and Cardak Han, hosted the tradesmen and travelers frequently, are now other points of interest with the distinctive architectural features of the time. 

The city is challenging in textile production, the fabrics in Denizli exports quality textile products to the world. Also the handmade “Buldan cloth” is woven within the borders of Denizli and is reputed worldwide.

The “Denizli Rooster” is the mascot of the city. The glass-made Denizli Rooster statue may be encountered in the heart of the city centre. 

Denizli is 19 km away from Pamukkale and may be an interesting stop during a daily tour to Pamukkale.