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History of Hierapolis

The area of Hierapolis was exposed to be a place for many settlements for its abundant water sources. It is highly believed that the ancient city was built by the people of Pergamum. The history of Hierapolis before the Hellenistic period is not known exactly but there had been a settlement existence here. It is known that around 1900’s BC Luwis were in the scene of the area. The most civilized city of its time was Cydrara in the area around 500 BC and they had built a holy temple here. 

After the fall of Troy, many colonists migrated to Anatolia from Greece and south east Europe in the Hittite Period. But it is still unknown if they established new cities or captured the existing cities or combined to live with others. When everything was settled, disagreements began among the people after a few centuries. Anatolians were invaded by Lydians that were living in the west of Asia and Lydian became successful. Afterwards actions stated with Lydian King Croesus. But their period did not last long; Lydian was defeated by Persians in 646 BC. Persians aim was not only Anatolia but also Greek land and Aegean Island. After the long wars Anatolia went under Greek domination. But this situation didn’t affect the lives of Anatolians.