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Paragliding over Pamukkale
Paragliding over Pamukkale - Pamukkale Turkey. Pamukkale, Hierapolis information, pictures, attractions.

Paragliding flight in Turkey is growing fast and Turkey has a very convenient locations characterized with the nice scenery. Pamukkale is one of the world’s famous heritages and it is also one of the most beautiful sites for paragliding.

Pamukkale has a really stunning view and it is a great experience to see it from a bird’s view. If you like extreme sports and discover the beauty of Pamukkale travertines and the remains of the ancient city of Hierapolis from above paragliding Pamukkale can be a nice alternative during your Pamukkale visit. With the mild climate and perfect winds around Pamukkale, paragliding is a safe way to discover the area from up the sky and it is an awesome experience, joyful and unforgettable. Before paragliding, pilots give all necessary information about what to do and not to do, after short briefing you feel safe and comfortable. If you like to fly as a group or family, pilots can fly side by side and close each other so you can take nice pictures of your friends or family in the air.

Paragliding Pamukkale is available everyday depends on whether conditions. It takes total 1 hour or 1 hour 15 minutes included drop on/off.

Paragliding over Pamukkale - Pamukkale



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