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Eco Tourism

Best places to enjoy bird watching are; Isikli, Suleymanlı, and Acıgol (Beylerli)Lakes. Gemis Town, which is located in the ancient city of Anava next to Acıgol, is especially important because it is the mating place of 203 different bird kind including flamingos and ducks.

Acıgol - Caltı (Beylerli) Lake:
The lake is situated between Denizli and Dinar near İzmir - Afyon highway. Its altitude is 836 m. and it covers 16,000 hectares of land. The lake is 3-4 meters deep in winter season.

Isikli Lake:
It is situated in Civril Plain on the northwest of Dinar District. The lake was proposed to become a protected area for the birds by the Denizli National Park Administration. The lake has great importance in the life cycle of the birds. Most of the birds come here to mate. Different kinds of piscivorous birds, ruddy sheldrakes, sea eagles, geese, and red falcon can be seen.

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