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Local Kitchen

Denizli has a rich kitchen with different traditional meals. “Tandır Kebab” is the most famous meal of the city.

In the local kitchen of the city, vegatable has a special place. Aubergine is prefered in most meals. Kuru Patlıcan (dry aubergine), Dolma, Patlıcan Gözleme (aubergine cooked in hot ashes) and Patlıcan Kebab are the famous aubergine meals. Tarhana Soup, Tarhana Soup with dry bean, yoghurt and Flour Soup are favorite starters.
Tas Kapama, Tandır Kebab, Teneke Kebab, Kuzu (lamb) Kapama, Meat Kapama, Kol Dolma, Keşkek and Arap Asi are the most famous meat meals of the city. Yufka,Pita and Bazlama are also local bread kinds that are made by the village women ,daily. Also mushroom has a special place in Denizli kitchen. Locals make kebaps, desserts, snacks and soups from mushroom.

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