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History of Hierapolis

The result of Peloponnese Battle between Greeks and Sparta in 431 BC, made Anatolia went under Persian domination by the victory of Sparta. Persian period was over with the repulsing of Alexander the Great. After his dead the empire was in chaos and divided into generals.

Later on, the Pergamum Kingdom joined to Ptolemy, Syria and Ptolemy Kingdom and developments in Anatolia were dictated by these three kingdoms. New cities founded and some of them were changed hands from one to the other. Pergamum established on Hierapolis as the border city to Laodicea which belonged to Seleucids. Eumenes second, the king of Pergamum, founded Hierapolis in the 2nd century BC.

Pergamum Kingdom was tied with Rome after the death of King Attolos II according to his wish. Administration of Hierapolis was left to Romans in 133 BC. The architecture of Hierapolis was exposed to change because of the great earthquake occurred in 17 AD. Having architectural features of Hellenistic period before, the city changed in to a typical Roman settlement. Under the administration of Asian State belonging to the Romans, Hierapolis was ruled by the Asian Proconsuls. The importance of the place grew rapidly in Roman period Hierapolis had its Golden Age especially during the reigns of Emperor Severus and Caracalla. In that period the city had developed in all aspects and became one of the richest cities of the Roman Empire. Therefore Hierapolis became one of the most respected cities of Rome. The city attracted many Roman emperors with its natural beauty and thermal baths. The architectural outlook of the city had changed into Roman taste and style by time. There were more than 100.000 inhabitants.
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